hey so have u guys met my daughter


im gonna be frank with you…


dats right

Do you have any art blogs that you could recommend? (with content similar to yours perhaps?) :3c

i used to delete my old art bc it was so bad but ive tried saving it know so i can see improvement and holy shit take a look at some of this garbage from 2011

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you wanna fite punK I'LL BEAT YOU UP


lets go RIGHT NOW

flower baby

drew the bae



redraw thing with jade!!!!!!!!! redraw of this: http://baggedmilkprincess.tumblr.com/post/59932814011

redraw thing with misterbox !!!! i had so much trouble picking a drawing omfg i love them all (original)

redraw thing with misterbox !!!! i had so much trouble picking a drawing omfg i love them all (original)


shim ref B^))))

tfw no tablet pen

a maneki neko that works in a casino?? yes



Hi, uhm. Well, basically a lot of crazy stuff went down and I ended up losing my 3DS, most likely forever. It might sound petty but it’s really upsetting to me because it’s one of the few other ways I can do something and interact with my friends online. Tomodachi Life, for one, isn’t even a multiplayer game but every since my best friend got me into it I was hooked and the thing I liked most about it was that it always made me smile and it always gave me things to talk about. It brought my characters to life and inspired me to write more development.

The reason for my 3DS being lost is a long story, you can ask one of my friends about it if you really wanna know. I don’t wanna sound like a spoiled kid going “I want it I want it” I’m legitimately speaking as in, I need a 3DS because it’s really helped me out a lot.

The one on Amazon I’m looking at is $137 for a new condition. With Shipping added, that’s about 14-15 commissions. I think that is do-able?

Please commission me ;;